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Verses for Handmade Cards for all occasions

Here you will find verses for most occasions, if you need help with inserts please check my tutorials out,
if you have a verse to share please send it to me.
Here are some verses I have found, which might help.
I have a list of links on my main page for verses if you can not find what your looking for, If you can not do your own inserts, please email me and I will send you an insert by email.
Yvonne xx

Verses for Crafty friends

A Craftaholic’s Prayer
Dear Lord,
I’m going to need some notice
Before my days are done.
You see, I’m a craftaholic.
A fact not known to some.
My craft room, it is bulging
All corners, crannies and nooks
There's loads of boxes under the bed,
I hope no one ever looks
I tell myself when shopping,
“No more craft bits today,”
But the craft shops are like magnets
Drawing me their way.
I’m totally at their mercy
Just "need" a dozen of each.
Then I hurry home to hide them
Before the family starts to preach.
So Lord, I’ll need a little time
To dispose of all this stuff.
And Lord, can we just keep all of this,
Between the two of us

Crafts are here, crafts are there.
My craft supplies are everywhere.
I really should clean this mess,
But I like it, I must confess.
Floor is littered, chairs are piled,
Kitchen’s looking pretty wild.
On the table counter too,
Seems that any place will do.
Hall is stacked with cartons high,
Filled with things folks like to buy.
Garage is full, but so far …
There’s still room to park the car.
I never have an idle day,
New ideas come my way.
Don’t know yet what I’ll create,
But at least my imagenation’s great.
My family smiles, they don’t complain,
Although at times I am a pain.
But when all is said and done,
I really am a crafty one !!

The Obsessed Crafter 

I started out with just one topper, 
and then I bought some more. 
I decided that a shoebox would make 
an ideal store. 

Then as I added inks & pens,
my craft collection grew. 
So I bought a roomy plastic crate, 
it would last for years, I knew.

Embossing then became my thing, 
with powder & a heat gun. 
Metallics, tinsels, pearls & clear,
I soon had everyone. 

By now my lovely plastic crate 
was spilling everywhere. 
And my glitter glue collection 
lay scattered on a chair.

My husband started muttering 
& said things had to stop.
So I bought a huge old wardrobe 
at the local charity shop.

But after a while, 
I couldn't shut the door. 
And I put shelves in the spare room 
to accomodate yet more. 

Our house is now for sale, 
something larger being sought. 
By the way, did I show you, 
The latest stamp I bought!

The Crafter's Nightmare
A house that's clean and empty
No craft bits everywhere
No paper, paint or envelopes
No good ideas to share.

No hoards of empty boxes,
No articles to read
No stacks of fabric "just in case"
No bargains that I "need".

No books to tell you how to do
No books to tell you why
No books to tell you what is new
No pix to make you sigh.

No 'puter waiting patiently
No Forum for a chat
No coffee on the kitchen stove
No slippers on the mat.

No compliments
No "Oohs" or "Aahs"
No "How did you do that?"
No giggles, games or graphics
No "Just came in for a chat".

This is a Crafter's nightmare
I'm sure you'll all agree
but this could never happen
To folks like you and me! 

Poem by Susan A Banks

I have not written any of these verses myself, 
but found them on sites, 
which I have listed on my home page. 
you can find link to lots of different sites
 for poems and verses in the right hand column.
many thanks Yvonne 

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